French Flight Safety was created in 2003 to meet the demands of airlines former clients of AirLib for their FDM, and working for three years with Florent as their flight data analyst.
In 2016 the SMS functionalities were added to Vortex.

A.C.M.E. Audit was created in 2011 to provide airlines with expertise and data analysis on new crew regulations (EU-OPS SubpartQ then ORO.FTL).
Fatigue risk management then became part of its activities, and in 2020 FIRST Tool was integrated as a specific functionality of VORTEX software.

In 2022, both companies decided to merge into A.C.M.E. Audit SAS to provide better customer service and improve integration of their data analysis systems.

Our Team

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    Anne Cotel-BallotFounder and President

    Crew Management Expert

    Graduated as Engineer from ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile), she brings her more than 40 years of experience in the airlines business
    Before creating A.C.M.E. Audit with Florent and Sébastien, she worked for airlines then for IT companies specialized in operations and crew management.
    With a focus on crew regulations and fatigue risk management, she is responsabli for contractual issues and customer relations.
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    Florent BonnevieFounder and VP FDA

    FDA and SMS Expert

    With over 20 years of experience in flight data monitoring and IT development, Florent is Vice-President of A.C.M.E. Audit.
    Before creating former FFS Company, Florent has acquired experience as aircraft electronics engineer and aircraft maintenance scheduling. He then specialized himself in flight data analysis
    Expert in FDM and SMS, he develops VORTEX software and supports airlines in their work on improving flight safety.
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    Sébastien CourtiolExpert

    Crew Regulations Expert

    After more than 9 years in IT companies, Sébastien realized his dream by becoming an airline pilot.
    He designs and develops A.C.M.E. Audit tools for regulation compliance, crew management, fatigue risk analysis.
    His expertise in ORO.FTL regulations is one of A.C.M.E. Audit pillars.
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    Seiji ZitouniFlight Data Analyst

    FDA Analyst

    After 3 years of work-linked training in former FFS Company, Seiji graduated as Engineer from ISTY.
    Now working for A.C.M.E. Audit, he realizes flight data analysis under Florent's supervision.
    He his also responsible for the A.C.M.E. Audit documentations such as Quality and Users Manuals.
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    Marie-Catherine SutterExpert

    SMS Expert

    After training in IFSA in Operational Risk Management, Marie-Catherine began working as Flight Safety Manager Deputy in ASL Airlines France.
    During her 9 years in this position, she implemented all SMS aspects in the airline. She worked for the IOSA audit that ASL succesfully passed in 2019.
    Her expertise is now at the service of FFS and its clients, in both Flight Data analysis and SMS management.