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The web site team of A.C.M.E Audit pays particular attention to all legal obligations compliance enforced to any web site publisher, specially and follows all requirements made by the French Authority CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) that you can find following the link: .

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A.C.M.E. Audit web site respects internaut's private life, and strictly complies with all laws and regulations regarding privacy and individual freedom. No personal information is collected without you being informed. No personal information is disclosed to third parties. E-mails, e-mail addresses and all nominative information you may provide on this site will not be used and are recorded only during the time necessary for their processing.

Right to Reply - Accessing Correcting or Suppressing your Personal Information

In compliance with enforced European and French laws, especially articles 39 and 40 of the law dated January, 6th 1978 modified in August 2004 and concerning information systems, files and liberty, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (published 23 May 2018), this web site publishing editor informs you that you have general rights to access, correct and suppress of all your personal information that we may have at our disposal. Besides, all information mentionned on this web site have been checked before being put on line: in case of any error or omission, any person is enabled to ask for correction.

You can exercise those rights:
  • Either on our site, from the "Contact" page
  • Or by e-mail using the address:
  • Or by postal mail using the following address:
    A.C.M.E. AUDIT
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    indicating your name, first name and postal address.

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PROTECTION OF CONTENT ON THE WEB SITE: The whole content of this site is under protection of French and International Laws regarding Author Rights and Intellectual Property. All Copyrights reserved. Copy of all or part of this site on any electronic support is strictly prohibited without written authorisation of the publishing editor. Copy of all texts and images is stricty prohibited unless author acceptation.
General structure and all software, texts, images, sounds, graphisms, and all other elements within the web site are the exclusive property of A.C.M.E. Audit or protected by Author Rights. Especially, all screenshots and spreadsheets copies, and analysis tools software description, are Copyrighted and can be used only by A.C.M.E. Audit.
Consequently, all copy, partial or total, by any means, or use of the contents, of this web site, for software development purposes, without written authorisation of A.C.M.E. Audit, is strictly prohibited and will constitute a breach to the Intellectual Property Code, which could lead to penal prosecutions.

PICTURES GRANTS: Pictures used on this site come from the Picture Library Adobe Stock ( ), or are pictures property of A.C.M.E. Audit. Looney Tunes is the property of Warner Bros Company

Third parties web site responsability

A.C.M.E. Audit web site indicates links to other web sites, French or not, associations, professional organisations, or partner companies. In each case, it is clearly indicated to which web site you are directed. Those pages, which addresses are regularly checked, are not part of A.C.M.E. Audit web site: those links do not constitute an endorsement or sponsorship by A.C.M.E. Audit of such web sites or the information, content, products, services, advertising, code or other materials presented on or through such web sites.

Links creation requests

LINKS CREATION TO OUR WEB SITE: A.C.M.E. Audit web site enables, after previous authorisation, creation of hypertext links directing to its pages, under the following conditions:
  • Such link shall open in a new browser window and shall link to the full version of an HTML formatted page of the A.C.M.E. Audit web site. It is not permitted to link directly to any image hosted on our site, or our services, such as using an "in-line" linking method to cause the image hosted by us to be displayed on another web site.
  • Mention the source. Web sites choosing to link to engage their responsability if they may alter the site image.
LINKS CREATION FROM OUR WEB SITE: If you want to create a link exchange with A.C.M.E. Audit web site, please send us an e-mail ( ). We will study pertinence of this exchange.

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